There are 1 million independent contractors in Australia.
Who is representing their interests? We are.

The aims of the ASA

The ASA represents subcontractors from any industry. We promote fair and ethical business practices that benefit small businesses, specifically in relation to unfair contractual conditions.

Concerns we are addressing:

Security of Payments

Project Bank Accounts and Trust Accounts

Upfront payments for goods purchased

Time frame QS adjustments and variations

Unfair contractual arrangements and amendments

Payment Terms

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Benefits of Membership

  • Have your say in promoting fairer business practices

  • Exclusive access (and discounts) to member-only events which support your business operations

  • Networking opportunities

  • Access to industry information and updates

  • Member-only discounts for:

  • Legal

  • Insurance

  • PPSR

  • Recruitment

  • Work Health and Safety

  • Accountancy

  • First Aid

  • Marketing

  • Training

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing


“A fantastic association that is led by quality people who bat for the interests of the subcontractor.”

Ray Hodge

“An excellent association that give a good opportunity to learn more and connect with other businesses associated with construction industry.

Not only that but it also helps businesses to secure themselves by getting the right advice from the list of shortlisted prepered professional service providers.”

Naveesh Sharma


Become A Member Today!

Enjoy the benefits of membership