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Improving contractual conditions for contractors

There are 1 million independent contractors in Australia. Who is representing their interests? We are.

How ASA helps contractors all around Australia

The ASA represents subcontractors from any industry. We promote fair and ethical business practices that benefit small businesses, specifically in relation to unfair contractual conditions.

Concerns we are addressing:

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  • Have your say in promoting fairer business practices

  • Exclusive access (and discounts) to member-only events which support your business operations

  • Networking opportunities

  • Access to industry information and updates

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  • Insurance

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  • Recruitment

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What our contractors/members say?

I joined ASA to have someone representing my interest as a small business. By joining I’ve gained access to resources to assist my business which are updated regularly and has also allowed me numerous networking opportunities which have been a real asset

Hayden Scanlo
Director, Choice Plumbing & Gas

“An excellent association that gives a good opportunity to learn more and connect with other businesses associated with the construction industry.

Not only that but it also helps businesses to secure themselves by getting the right advice from the list of shortlisted prepared professional service providers.”

Naveesh Sharma

“Brodie Collection Services SA have been a member/supplier of the ASA since April 2019. We are huge supporters of Subcontractors with getting invoices paid and fair contract terms. Being a member of the ASA provides networking opportunities and to keep updated on legislation and laws effecting subbies in a casual and relaxed environment. It’s a great way to meet people from across many different industries that understand the issues faced by contractors. The price of membership is amazing value for money. Highly recommend joining!”

Naveesh Sharma

“The benefit of ASA contacts, especially in regard to PPSR and legal advice has been instrumental in my business. The networking with other like minded subcontractors has also been important with overcoming industry specific issues.

I have been a member since inception of the ASA and I am proud to be involved in promoting the importance of the Association for all Subcontractors.”

Trudy Marshall

“A fantastic association that is led by quality people who bat for the interests of the subcontractor.”

Ray Hodge

“I believe ASA is essential for any Sub Contractor as for a very low annual investment the Information and workshops in any given year represents outstanding value, particularly compared with other Industry associations.

Since being involved the networking and people that I otherwise would not have met has been mutually beneficial. Most Importantly many more people understand how the PPSR used correctly ensures they are a Secured Creditor in their businesses.

To kick off 2020, I am offering the following to all existing and new ASA members including suppliers and Tradies.

Kevin Tiggemann

I have been a member of Australian Subcontractors Association (ASA) since the conception of the association and have seen the association grow with many different trades and service providers enjoining the benefit of networking with likeminded subcontractors.

The benefit of being an ASA member is the networking and connection of different trades and Service Providers. One case in my experience (amongst many) is my need for quality plumbing services.


I have needed on more than a few occasions a plumber for not only service work for clients but maintenance and alterations on my own commercial properties and house. 

I met Haydon from Choice Plumbing through ASA and have continued to use them and recommend them for clients and friends. 

Choice Plumbing has always been available when I have needed a plumber and has always looked after me with extremely good service and price. 

Just one example of the many connections I have made and regularly use through ASA

There are many more occasions I have used connections made through ASA and even more importantly good solid relationships and friends as well.

Happy to be contacted any time for more details. 





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