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About the ASA

The Australian Subcontractors Association (ASA) is a member organisation open to any subcontractor operating in Australia. ASA provide support, information and ethical standards to subcontracting business in all areas.

Often the subcontractor is at the end of the line in terms of a business process or project and through unfair contracts often carry all the risk.

With our collective voice we work together with Principal Contractors, Builders, Government Departments and other industry associations, to promote fairer business practices. This will allow businesses to prosper, which ultimately strengthens the Australian economy.

We work closely with several stakeholders

  • Small Business Commissioner
  • South Australian Office Of The Industry Advocate
  • Specialist Contractors SA
  • Other Industry Associations ie;- the Master Builders Association and CCF
  • ACIF – Australian Construction Industry Forum

Issues we are trying to resolve on behalf of our members

  • Security of payments, to increase cashflow of smaller businesses
  • Project Bank Accounts and Trust Accounts
  • Upfront payments for goods purchased
  • Variations and QS adjustments
  • Unfair contractual terms and conditions
  • Payment terms

Our objectives

  • To promote the interests of Subcontractors throughout the State of South Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia and further the standards, goodwill, ethics, efficiency and the reputation of Subcontractors.
  • To develop Subcontracting as an efficient, productive and valuable form of business.
  • To promote and support Members’ businesses by providing advice, information, advocacy, technical guidance, training, mentoring, networking and any other form of support (except for financial).
  • To advocate on Members’ behalf regarding matters affecting  Subcontractors.
  • To engage in, support and promote the training of persons who conduct or service Subcontracting businesses.
  • To promote other businesses and industries, associated with subcontractors.
  • Work with Government or  Industry participants for the benefit of subcontractors.
  • To align with any other association or organisation for the betterment of subcontractors.
  • Do all things which are conducive to the success of the Association and its members.
  • To promote fair, reasonable and harmonious business relationships in Australia.
  • To safeguard the interests of Members, their businesses and Employees

Aside from representing the interests of subcontractors, we offer many benefits such as discounted legal services, PPSR, recruitment, insurance, WHS training, drug & alcohol testing and Apprenticeship advice.

Our purpose

To create a community to connect ethical Subcontractors, Service Providers and Consumers

Vision statement

To be the association representing all subcontractors

Mission statement

The leading industry body providing services, advocacy,
representation and guidance to all members

Value statement

The Australian Subcontractors Association will enact a code of practice which validates ethical, quality and equitable business practices by its members.

Our advisory group

The ASA Advisory Group consists of professionals who understand the nature of our industry and have the experience to help where it counts.

Josh Gloede


John Stronnar

Vice President

Sheree Bartholomew


Shiralee Wood


Paul Williams

Outgoing Chair

James Gow

Advisory Group Members

Kevin Tiggemann

Advisory Group Members

Matthew Moyes

Advisory Group Members

Ray Hodge

Advisory Group Members