ASA is open to any sub-contractor operating in Australia.

Members receive invites to our events which will further the development of their business. We also provide access to exclusive Member Benefits through our commercial agreements with our Service Providers.

It’s easy to become a member of ASA.
Just complete our online application form.

Subcontractor Membership Pricing

Service Provider Membership Pricing

Any larger organisations please contact us to discuss.

Why join ASA?

When you join us as a Sub-Contractor you are supporting our continued work to gain better contractural conditions for Sub-Contractors Australia wide.
Payment can be made online following completion of the Membership Application. Your 12 months membership will commence from the date we receive payment.
Should you decide to join as a Service Provider, you are also supporting our work and we assist you by promoting your business on our website.
With a national database, you are certainly in good company.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

Membership of the ASA provides many benefits, most notably having your say in establishing fairer business practices. We work tirelessly on your behalf to improve conditions for subcontractors, working with the Government, industry and wider business community.

The ASA has also negotiated several commercial arrangements
to benefit our members:

  • PPSR – Do you have your tools and equipment covered in case of the principle going under while you’re on site? – What about your financials and terms of credit?

  • Legal – Are you aware of the changes to security of payment legislation? Do you know what your rights are regarding getting paid on time?

  • Insurance – Are your tools adequately covered? What about your employee’s tools? What about any damage caused while on site by your employees or subcontractors? What about your materials on site?

  • Recruitment – Do you need help on a Permanent or casual basis? Do you know the best way to get temporary help and all the legalities of having someone work for you or contract for you?

  • WHS – This is a mind field and unless you devote some time to understanding your responsibilities, you’re walking a tightrope. Are you sure you’re doing all that is necessary? It’s all good until someone gets hurt.

  • Accounting – Good finance knowledge is essential for budgeting planning and business growth. Are your finances being professionally checked and do you know how to read them to make the right decisions?

  • Finance – Are you cash positive? Do you have enough cash to grow or cover yourself in lean times? What happens if you don’t get paid on time?

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing – Ensure you are compliant with WHS and legal obligations 

  • Taxation – The Tax office is clamping down on all business and will put you under if you’re not on top of your liabilities with the tax office. Are you?

  • Leasing – Do you rent a location, equipment or vehicles. Do you understand the leasing agreement? What happens if they want to recall the lease at short notice?

  • Trade Insurance – Would you like to know if the person your working for has a bad credit rating? What if they go into liquidation. Will you get your money that’s owed? You can insure against this!

  • Training – Good training will enhance your workforce and save you time and money. Are you trained adequately for the work you’re doing? Are your licenses up to date? How can you perform better? Are your contractors licenses up to date?

  • Contracts – Did you read the last contract you signed? What risks are being passed down by the principle? Are you at risk if something goes wrong? Should a lawyer take a look?

  • Unfair Contracts – Do you know the latest legislation regarding unfair contracts and how to identify them?

  • Networking – Do you Network and build that important relationship with other trades and service providers? It is proven the right networking is beneficial. What about getting to know your competitors and building on that relationship for your mutual benefit?

Other benefits include:

  • Exclusive access (and discounts) to member-only events aimed at supporting your business operations

  • Networking opportunities

  • Access to industry information and updates

Special Offers from our Service Provider Members

Australian Credit Risk Management

“Comprehensive Credit Management Package”

  1. Customised legally enforceable Terms of Trade including all clauses required to be a secured creditor
  2. Credit account Application, Customer Information, Quotation, Variation, Do and Charge Forms etc. all included
  3. Also Directors/Personal Guarantee Forms as well as ongoing Free Phone Credit Management Information and updates
  4. Included will also be PPSR (7 year Registrations) on 5 clients of which includes the Government charge

ALL for $2,250.00 plus GST however Sorry.. No “steak knives”

Bookeeping & Admin Services

FREE Bookkeeping Business Assessment + 1 FREE HOUR of Bookkeeping if we are lucky enough to work with you on one of our bookkeeping packages. (Value of $136.00 plus GST)

Brodie Collection Services

Brodie Collection Services, would like to offer a substantial discount to all ASA members.
Only $33.00 including GST for our standard demand letters. These are posted and emailed to your debtor.

We would also like to extend the offer with a negotiated discount on our no collection no fee recovery process.

Elders Insurance

Jarvis Toyota

$500 fuel card on any new or used vehicles purchased.

To redeem the offer they need to advise they are members and call John on 08 8169 9446 or 0404 028 491


Jonas & Associates

For ASA members and referrals from ASA members I offer a one hour review of a business operation, financial return and offer a 10% on fees billed on the first assignment.

For individuals, there is a general strategic financial review on the families financial position.

My Builder Friend

Offer to all ASA members:

  • Complementary and confidential online/phone business meeting to discuss any business matter of your choice.
  • A 10% discount on any business mentoring programs
Ray Hodge Consulting

Complementary and confidential online/phone business meeting to discuss any business matter of your choice. 

A complimentary copy of his two books:

The Business of People: Proven methods of improving leadership and employee performance.


Smash the Bottleneck. How to improve Critical Process Efficiencies for Dramatically Increased Key Results.

St Johns
  • Free Workplace First Aid Assessment for any ASA member (a St John SA advisor would complete this with the client)
  • Discounted rate on first aid kits, equipment and defibrillators for ASA members
  • Discounted rate on First Aid Training for ASA members
  • First Aid Kit restocking service
  • Access to free resources, eg First Aid Fact Sheets
The Financial Foreman

Complimentary one-hour consultation to review business strategy, operations, and tax structure. Plus a 10% discount on first years fees.


"The benefit of ASA contacts, especially in regard to PPSR and legal advice has been instrumental in my business. The networking with other like minded subcontractors has also been important with overcoming industry specific issues.

I have been a member since inception of the ASA and I am proud to be involved in promoting the importance of the Association for all Subcontractors."

Trudy Marshall

"A fantastic association that is led by quality people who bat for the interests of the subcontractor."

Ray Hodge

"An excellent association that give a good opportunity to learn more and connect with other businesses associated with construction industry.

Not only that but it also helps businesses to secure themselves by getting the right advice from the list of shortlisted prepered professional service providers."

Naveesh Sharma

"I believe ASA is essential for any Sub Contractor as for a very low annual investment the Information and workshops in any given year represents outstanding value, particularly compared with other Industry associations.

Since being involved the networking and people that I otherwise would not have met has been mutually beneficial. Most Importantly many more people understand how the PPSR used correctly ensures they are a Secured Creditor in their businesses.

To kick off 2020, I am offering the following to all existing and new ASA members including suppliers and Tradies.

Kevin Tiggemann

“Brodie Collection Services SA have been a member / supplier of the ASA since April 2019. We are huge supporters of Subcontractors with getting invoices paid and fair contract terms. Being a member of the ASA provides networking opportunities and to keep updated on legislation and laws effecting subbies in a casual and relaxed environment. It’s a great way to meet people from across many different industries that understand the issues faced by contractors. The price of membership is amazing value for money. Highly recommend joining!”

I joined ASA to have someone representing my interest as a small business. By joining I’ve gained access to resources to assist my business which are updated regularly and has also allowed me numerous networking opportunities which have been a real asset

Hayden Scanlon, Director, Choice Plumbing & Gas

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